How to Send Large Files Using Google Drive

In case you wish to share a large file using Google Drive, then the email will not compress it. In case you have a Gmail account, then you can easily send the large files by using Google Drive. Here’s how to send large files using Google drive.

How to Upload a File?

• Sign in into Google Drive. Each Google account has a space of 15 gigabytes. In case you use Gmail, then enter the Gmail account details to sign in to the Google Drive account. Sign in by visiting

  • In case you are using a smartphone, then you can use Google Drive application on your phone. The users can use this application for uploading the files from their Android or iPhone to Google Drive.

• Press on the “New” option and after that, choose the “File Upload” option. It will open the file window permitting you to find the file in the device which you wish to start uploading on the Google Drive. You can move the file from their phone to the Google Drive screen to start uploading the file instantly.

  • Google Drive has the storage of 5 terabytes.

• Let the uploading process of the file to gets complete on the device. In case you are uploading a large file on Google Drive, then it will take a few minutes to get completed its uploading process. You should check the internet connection of the device because it can interrupt you while uploading any file. You can check the upload procedure by going to the menu bar located in the end right-hand side of the Google Drive screen

  • In case you close the Google Drive screen, then the uploading process stops working. Make sure that the Google Drive screen should be open on the desktop till the file successfully get uploaded on the screen.

How to Send a File on Desktop?

• Understanding sharing settings for Google Drive files and folders.

• You need to right-click on the uploaded file and after that, choose the “Share” button.

• Type the contacts by clicking on the “People” section for sharing the uploaded file to any particular Gmail user.

• Press the “Get shareable link” option for creating an URL which you can share to any contact of Gmail account.

• Now, start the downloading process of the uploaded file.

How to Send a File on Mobile?

• Know the file sharing settings for Google Drive.

• Enter the title of the uploaded file which you wish to send to any particular user.

• Press on the “Add People” for sending the invitation to the user for downloading the file.

• Press on the “Share link” button for sharing an URL to the uploaded file.

• Change permissions by going in the “Show has access” column.

• Start downloading the shared file.

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