How to Use Hotspot Shield

You can use Hotspot Shield which is a virtual private network application on Windows PC and Mac. A virtual private network stops showing the Windows PC, Mac, iPhone and Android IP address to the internet service provider. Here’s how to use Hotspot Shield.

Steps for Using Hotspot Shield on Windows

•    You have to download Hotspot Shield on the system. Tap on the website link in the default browsing application and after that, press the Get Hotspot Shield located in the upper right-hand column of the webpage. Now, it will start downloading process automatically on the system.

•    Some of the internet browsers will ask you to choose the current location before starting its downloading process.

•    Once you have completed the downloading process of Hotspot Shield, move to the installation process. Here are the steps are given below for the installation procedure of Hotspot Shield:

1.    Click twice on the Hotspot Shield downloaded file.

2.    Press on the Install option.

3.    Tap on the Yes button.

4.    Let the Hotspot Shield complete its installing process.

5.    Press on the Finish button.

•    You have to close the advertisement showing in the window. In case you are getting an upgrade advertisement on the screen, then press on the “Back” option located in the upper left-hand side of the screen. It will close the advertisement from the screen and return to the Hotspot Shield official webpage.

•    After that, close the browsing application from the desktop. In case you wish to use the Hotspot Shield after completing its download and installation procedure, then you have first to close the internet browser you are currently using.

•    Press on the Start menu. It resembles an azure color power symbol given in the center of the screen. It will change the Hotspot Shield into the wireless connection. In case the internet service provider attempts to view the IP address, and they are not able to view the real IP address by using Hotspot Shield.

•    You can also disable Hotspot Shield anytime by pressing on the Start option once again.

•    You need to upgrade the Hotspot Shield account. In case you wish to use the Hotspot Shield premium functions such as selecting a country to place it as the IP address, then you have to press on the Upgrade to Hotspot Shield Elite option given at the end of the screen.

•    You need to adjust the area of the IP address.

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