How To Add New Fonts to Google Docs

You can get new fonts through Google Fonts official site which has a 915 fonts families. If you wish to use fonts in the Google Docs documents and on HTML sites, then you should have a Google account. Here’s how to add new fonts to Google Docs.

Steps for Adding New Fonts to Google Docs Documents

•    You need to go through the Google Docs document before you start installing the new fonts on the Windows PC.

•    Ensure that you should already have a Google account to complete this procedure.

•    After creating an account, go to the Google Docs website in your default internet browser.

•    Tap on the Blank option.

•    Press on the pull-down list of fonts located on the Google Docs taskbar.

•    After that, tap on the More Fonts option for opening a new font window on display.

•    You can choose many different fonts for adding it on your Google Docs documents.

•    Press on the Show option for opening the pull-down list.

•    After that, you can find any font from the particular fonts categories.

•    Choose the font for adding it into the Google Docs document.

•    Click on the OK option.

•    Type any sentence in the Google Docs document.

Here are the steps mentioned below to install Extensis Fonts on the Google Docs documents:

•    Go to the Google Docs document.

•    Choose the Add-ons option.

•    Enter “Extensis” into the text field.

•    Press on the Return button.

•    Tap on the plus free option.

•    It will start installing automatically once you give permissions for installing it on the system.

•    Once you have completed the installing process of Extensis Fonts, start activating the font.

•    Open the Add-ons menu and after that, choose the Extensis Fonts option.

•    Click on the Start button.

•    Now, the Extensis Fonts will get open in the textbox.

Steps for Adding New Fonts to Windows by Using SkyFonts

•    Go to the SkyFonts official website.

•    Press on the Download SkyFonts option for adding the application to Windows.

•    You have to create an account on SkyFonts by tapping Sign Up.

•    Click on the Browse Google Fonts option located on the SkyFonts website.

•    Press on the SkyFonts option for adding any font to Windows.

•    After that, click on the Add option for installing the selected font on the Windows PC.

•    Once the chosen font is completed its installing process, you can now add installed font in the Google Docs document.

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Source: Add New Fonts to Google Docs

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