How to Connect a Laptop with a TV

Watching everything on a bigger screen is a fantastic feeling altogether. But sometimes the content that you see on our TV is no more exciting, and you have no other option than using your laptop. You can choose to view the content of your choice on a big screen by connecting your laptop with your TV. There are various ways to connect a laptop with a TV. The simplest and popular wired methods are discussed here for you.

From NetFlix to your family photos, you can view almost anything that you want once you connect your laptop with your TV. Though, the ports available on your laptop and TV also matters a lot for choosing the right method for connection. Let’s explore a few of the best ways for connecting your laptop to the TV.

Through an HDMI cable

If we consider one of the best ways to connect a laptop to a TV, it is with the use of an HDMI cable. You only need an HDMI cable, which is available in the market at a very affordable price, to get the job done. The HDMI cable can handle both high-resolution video as well as audio. Hence, you can ideally stream your favorite show or movie through it. You have to, however, make sure first that there is an HDMI port in both TV and laptop of yours.

Most of the new TVs and laptops feature an HDMI port. So, if your devices are not much old, you can easily connect both devices through an HDMI cable. Power on both laptop and TV, and use the HDMI cable for connection. Once connected, choose the right HDMI input on the TV with the use of the remote.

Here’s the process in steps:

1. Use your HDMI cable for connecting your laptop with TV.

2. Make sure both the devices are turned on.

3. Grab the TV remote and choose the correct HDMI input on your TV.

The devices will be connected very soon. But, if still they are not connected you will have to go the Settings option, then System, and then Display to ensure that the “TV” option is selected over there. You get the option to adjust the resolution of your TV as well. Then, press the Win button along with the P button and choose the “Duplicate” option after you are done making changes in the laptop.

Through a VGA cable

Older laptops and TVs have a VGA port, and you can use the VGA cable to connect them. However, the video quality will be lower and won’t be as good as HDMI. Also, it only manages the video signal, and you will have to get a separate cable for handling the audio. Switch on your laptop and TV and use the VGA cable and 3.5mm audio cable for connection. Then, find the Input button your TV remote and press it, and choose the RGB or PC option after. Go through the instructions in steps for better understanding:

1. Connect your laptop with TV through the VGA cable.

2. Connect both the devices with the 3.5mm audio cable.

3. Power on both laptop and TV.

4. Choose the PC or RGB input through remote on your TV.

Your laptop and TV will be successfully connected now. And, if it doesn’t, visit the Settings section on your laptop and then System, later Display to ensure that TV is chosen over there. You can manage the resolution as well. After you are done, hit the Windows and the P key and choose the “Duplicate” option to complete the process.

So, these are the two best ways through which you can connect a laptop with a TV!

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Source : Connect a Laptop with a TV

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