How to Enable and Use Android Q Gestures

With the launch of Android Q, Google has introduced a whole new navigation system. It is entirely gesture-based and very different from what we saw in Android 9 Pie. Though, the gesture navigation is not enabled by default on Android Q. You need to turn it on for trying the new system and experiencing the Android navigation of the future. It will not take much time, and you can easily enable it with the use of below-given steps.

The process of turning on gesture navigation on Android Q

1. First and foremost, you will have to go to the Settings section.

2. Once you are there, keep scrolling down till you see the System option and then tap on it.

3. Now, you need to find Gestures option. Touch the Gestures option when you see it on your Android device’s screen.

4. Select the Fully gestural navigation option from the available options on the display. Soon the navigation will be changed, and you can check it through the bottom section of your phone’s screen.

5. By swiping up in the middle of the bottom part of the display, you can visit the home screen of your device with ease.

If you don’t like the new navigation system and want to stick to the old two-button gesture navigation offered with Android 9 Pie, you can anytime choose it similarly from Settings. Even, you can use the three-button navigation system through Android Q beta. Now that you have learned how to enable the gesture navigation, you need to learn how you can ideally use it.

How to efficiently use the gestures of Android Q?

After enabling the gesture navigation, you might find it completely different than other Android device and hard to use it. Here’s how you can easily do the necessary things:

  • For going home, you will have to swipe up amid the bottom part of your phone’s screen. However, if you use the phone of landscape mode, you can swipe up on the extended edge which will be the bottom of your Android phone. In this way, you can smoothly go home.
  • For multitasking, you will have to swipe up for a short time and keep the fingertips on the phone’s screen for a while. It will launch the same horizontal scrolling card interface for accessing different apps. If you wish to open the full app drawer, you can do it by swiping up on the bottom part of the screen.
  • For quickly switching app, you need to swipe up shortly again and hold for a moment. But this time you even need to combine it by sliding the finger either right or left, on the bottom part of the display. You can switch one app backward or forward from the list of apps that use recently.
  • For going back to any app or screen, you used to tap the back button earlier. But now you can even either swipe in from the bottom right or left side of the phone’s screen. Both of these methods are destined to perform the same action. Not only you can use it to go back to the earlier page but also for dropping things you have selected or copied, closing folders, or for almost anything.

So, this is how you can quickly turn on and efficiently use the new navigation system being offered with Android Q!

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Source : Enable and Use Android Q Gestures

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