Complete guide to watching movies and TV shows on Apple TV

In  Apple TV app you can watch your favorite movies, shows, and different types of content from the iTunes store. You can find what you want and subscribe to those channels. You can do everything in one place, and also you can use your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch but it works only on the latest version of iOS. You can set up this app as you want, and it has lots of advanced features as compared to the previous version. Let’s check out the process to watch movies and shows on Apple TV.

Watching a movie or show in the Apple TV app

•    Launch the TV app from the Home button on the Apple TV.

•    Click on the movie or show from UP Next for watching it instantly.

•    On the other hand, you can see What to Watch and tap on your favorite TV and movie sections.

•    Hit the Play button to enjoy the movie or show.

Watching a video from your library

•    Launch the TV app.

•    You can cruise the Library option at the center of the screen.

•    Go through the library and choose what you want.

•    Tap on the Play button.

Access chapters on Apple TV

•    First, you can play a movie or TV show.

•    Then slide down to launch the Info menu.

•    Slide downwards to view the seasons.

•    Slide left or right and choose a season.

Fast forward and rewind feature in Apple TV

•    First, you can pause the movie or a show what you watch.

•    Through swiping left or right, you can fast forward and rewind to a particular time.

•    Now you can click on the Play button

Recognize movies with iTunes Extras on Apple TV

•    Go to the Movies app.

•    Then click on the title.

•    Slide downwards to see “viewers also watched”.

Watching iTunes Extras on Apple TV

•    Click on Movies or TV shows.

•    Go to the Purchased option.

•    Slide down to choose a title.

•    Click on Play.

Add different types of account on Apple TV

•    Open Settings from Home screen.

•    Open Accounts.

•    Press on iTunes and App Store.

•    Select Enter New Apple ID.

•    Enter the secondary Apple ID username.

•    Press Continue.

•    Type the secondary Apple ID password.

•    Select Sign In.

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