How to Fix Unable to Connect to Proxy Server on Windows 10

If you view the error notification “Unable to connect to the proxy server” on your computer screen, then you need to fix this issue with some tricky troubleshooting. In this article, we will teach you how you can fix this error easily. The issue can occur when a user is installing any third-party proxy server that blocks the antivirus.

Several users mention that they can view several issues on their computer screen. Here is the list of some proxy issue that also appears on your screen:

  • Cannot connect to proxy server Windows 10
  • Can’t connect to the proxy server Microsoft Edge
  • Can’t connect to Proxy server Windows 10 WiFi
  • Unable to connect to proxy server Chrome, RocketTab
  • Error proxy server connection failed
  • How to Fix Unable to Connect to Proxy Server on Windows 10

1) Restart Internet features

Here are the steps on how to reset internet features

  1. Tap Windows + S key on tour keyboard and then tap on Internet option, choose Internet option in the menu.
  2. When the Internet option launched on your screen, move to an Advance option and the hit Reset option.
  3. Verify Delete personal settings after that hit the Reset option.
  4. After the above process, your internet settings default set up, and fix the issue with the proxy server is resolved.

2) Turn off Proxy

Here are the steps on how to turn off Proxy:

  1. Launch the internet button in the Window.
  2. Visit the Connection option and then tap on the LAN settings option.
  3. Remove the “use proxy server for LAN” button and then tap on OK to save your change.
  4. You can use another method to turn off the proxy server, here are the steps:
  5. Tap Windows + I key on your keyboard to launch the settings application.
  6. Settings application launched on your screen visit Network and Internet option.
  7. Choose Proxy in the list that appears on the left of your computer screen; remember to disable the entire option.

3) Using VPN

Nowadays, VPN is one of the standard solutions that usersgenerally avail to fix the proxy server. VPN encrypts your data making sure that it stays secure throughout the internet.

It can also blocking incoming servers and change your IP address, making it a must-have tool.

4) Computer Scanning for Malware

To resolve this issue, you have to scan your computer for malware. When your antivirus does not find any problem, then you need to use other antivirus apps.

Here we recommend you three antivirus applications that keep your computer secure and safe:

Bitdefender: Bitdefender is the world’s number one Antivirus. It has advanced security features that show you precisely what you have on your operating system to keep your computer safe.

BullGuard: BullGuardis also a tremendous antimalware tool for gaming and streaming. It has a new scanner that can detect all the viruses while offering end-to-end encryption.

Malwarebytes: Malwarebytes is a malware-targeting tool that removes every type of virus from your system.The new version of Malwarebytes can run 24 by 24 to detect all type harmful virus from your device. If it finds any infected application, then it will automaticity fix the issue and send you a notification.

5) Using ipconfig Command

 Here are the steps on how to Using ipconfig Command:

  1. Tap Windows + X key on your keyboard to Launch Command Prompt, then open run an administrator.
  2. You can also use the Window + X menu and select Command Prompt as Admin.
  3. If there is Command Prompt not available, then you need to use PowerShell.
  4. In the Commandcommand Prompt line enter the given Commandcommand:
  5. ipconfig /release
  6. ipconfig /renew
  7. After the above command proceeds, you need to turn off the command prompt, and then you need to check the issue is resolved.

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Source : Proxy Server on Windows 10

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