The leading platform of the world driving productivity in the workplace and at home, Microsoft Office provides several applications including MS-Excel, Access, Publisher, OneNote, Word, etc which are carrying out many tasks based on computers easily and efficiently. The universal software, MS Office is used by more than 1.2 billion people and most of the businesses and enterprises all over the world use it too. The interested users can seek more information regarding the features and applications of MS Office by visiting The office suite of MS Office is not only easy to use but also multi-purposeful and secure from the cyber-attacks.

For the convenience of interested users, we are providing the complete guidelines to download, install and activate MS Office. The users can follow the steps accordingly and take advantage of the application.

Process of Downloading Microsoft Office

The users should learn the simple steps to download MS Office and the steps for their convenience are the following:

● The users should go to the desired internet browser and enter the URL: into the Address bar appeared.

● The users need to go to the homepage of the website of MS Office and search for the option of Sign in.

● Now, you have to click on the Sign-in option to continue the procedure.

● The new users have to create a fresh account and for that first of all, make a click on the option of Create a new account.

● Next, enter your username, mail ID and the password for the process of signing in into the account.

● The users will need to follow the displayed instructions for creating the account.

● Thereafter, the users have to look for the option of Download and make a click on it.

● Now, the users will be provided two options to select “Buy MS Office or Start Office Trail”.

● Now, make your selection between the provided options and then make a tap on the option of Continue.

● The users will need to wait for a few minutes until the downloading process completes.

Process of Installing Microsoft Office

The users will require to look for the directory path of download after completing the download process via

● The users will need to search the Microsoft related file with the extension .exe file on their device.

● After waiting for some time, a window asking for confirmation will pop out.

● The users will require to make a tap on the option Yes appearing on the confirmation window.

● The users have to wait for some time until the remaining procedure is completed by the installation prompt.

● Now, the users will find that the installation of the software has been completed.

● You will further need to make a click on the option of Close and exit from the window.

Process of Activating Microsoft Office

Activating a software stops unauthorized use and also enhances the performance of the software. During the activation of MS Office, the users will require Product Key which is often of 25 characters and are prompted to enter it in the browser. The users can get the Product Key through email if they have purchased it online by going to the The Product Key could also be fetched on the package of the product when purchased offline through retail mode.

After getting the Product Key the activation process is very simple for the users. The users can follow the given process:-

● The users will require to go to the Start menu to appear on the task bar.

● Now, the users will need to go to the search bar and search for the Microsoft Office applications there.

● You have to further make a selection from the applications such as PowerPoint, Word, Excel or Access.

● After, making the selection, you are required to click on the desired one and then make a click on the option of Continue to proceed.

● Now, the users have to click on the icon of Activation

● You are required to enter your email address and password to Sign in into the account.

● Further, you will be asked for the Product Key to fill in the space provided,

● Enter the required Product Key and then make a click on the option of Continue.

● Now, wait for a few minutes until a confirmation regarding the activation of MS Office appears to you.

● Your MS Office is activated and now you can quit the window.