Top 5 Drone Apps in 2019

Drones are no less than flying machines. They are being used a lot in today’s world for shooting videos and monitoring things. There are multiple great drones available in the market today. These drones already have their associated apps, but you can explore other relevant apps available on the play store too.

You need to make first why you are trying to do with the drone you have. Do you wish to track a location for flying, want to manage logging  or any anythings else?

Here are the best drone apps that you consider for using:

1. Airmap

Airmap is one of the best tools for commercial piloting and basic needs. It lets you utilize the real-time traffic information and ideal for commercial drone flight. This app is backed by tech-giant like Microsoft and Qualcomm as well as drone players such as Yuneec. Hence, it is not only made for mapping flight location and keeping track of the flight but a lot more. Its recent update allows you to easily control the DJI drone, get the app from the play store.


B4UFLY is ideal for tracking places where you can fly and can’t. It offers detailed information about airports around as well. Though, the restrictions shown in this app from time to time can be frustrating for some users.

3. DroneDeploy

The DroneDeploy offers outstanding control for your particular drone and advanced flight planning. You need to choose the desired path and watch the drone fly in the selected route. It comes as an ideal alternate controller if you have DJI drone. This app is very cool for DJI users. Get this app quickly from the play store.

4. Google Earth

Figuring out the place to fly a drone is the first thing. The Google Earth app is an excellent app for this particular purpose. It shows you places where you can fly and is free for both mobile and web users.

5. Hover

From location awareness to mapping, the Hover app is capable of providing a lot of information. It is one of the most underrated apps that can let you know if it is safe to fly in the desired location or not. This app considers various factors such as location, visibility, and wind. If you wish to have only one particular drone app in your device, the Hover app is the perfect solution. Download this free app on your phone!

6. Kittyhawk

Make the most out of the sky time with the Kittyhawk app. It is an excellent app for pre-flight checking as well as post-flight analysis and more. Everything that you need for the right drone operation is included in this drone app.

7. Pix4D

Pix4D is a free app for the users, but the software behind this app is not entirely. It is one of the best 3D mapping tools available for the drone. Same as DroneDeploy, this app provides programmable flight cycles not only for DJI drones but many other renowned drones. You need to know that manufacturers such as Yuneec are developing their core app using this app. It is destined to become much better in the coming times.

So, these are the best drone apps that you can easily download and use in your device!

Jack Tucker is a security expert and he writes about Cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and is working at

Source : Top 5 Drone Apps in 2019

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